About Us


We, at Paradigm Electric, thrive in providing high quality electrical and automation digital solutions that are sustainable and efficient. We do the best work by combining leading technologies in the world along with real-time tracking, advanced services and software by implementing these into cohesive solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructures. Our procedure of work is extremely reliable, safe, efficient, smooth and viable. We started our journey back in 2004 as Paradigm Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd. Since then we have done a ton of work and grew as a whole in multiple ways. We offer services and solutions for all type of Industries which includes Iron, Steel, Power , Cement , Building, Automobile, Food, Petrolium, Gases, Space research and many more.

Our Mission

Our sole mission at Paradigm Electric is to provide our clients with unique solutions of engineering, full support while manufacturing. We want to outshine all expectations of our clients in order to implement quality services within the budget provided by them for the respective project. Our goal lies in serving the clients not in making large amount of profits. Customers always come first for us and profit after that. We want to be a valuable part of both ours and our clients' success. Our mission is to work without thinking about the fruits of our labour.

With an experience of over sixteen years in the field, we are looking forward to growing our business even more. Paradigm Electric thrives in prioritising the clients' interest.

Our Vision

We want to be a leading name in the market of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation system.. We proudly accept this as a challenge and focus on improving our engineering, marketing and communication techniques to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We also try and develop ourselves according to the changing demands of our customers.

Our team leaves no stones unturned when it comes to accomplishing our goals. We have a group of highly-educated and motivated Team members who are an expert in their own field. They achieve salvation through creativity and teamwork. Paradigm Electrics will symbolise the most advanced and superior technology when it comes to manufacturing. We guarantee durability and corporation with our customers with our fantastic team. We want to be the most reputed and sought after companies in India in this field.

Core Values

  • Provide superior quality service.

  • Prioritize our customers.

  • Passionate about the work we do.

  • Our team is our family.

  • Doing an unbiased and equal work.

  • Enjoying ourselves.

Our Journey